Is this game kid friendly?

We've played with kids as young as 4 years old and so far nobody has converted to cannibalism. We suggest 8 and older because of the strategy involved but everyone has had fun with it.

Do you actually encourage cannibalism?


Do you hate vegans?

Not at all. Veganism actually has some good scientific points to merit the ideas. The issue we have is with vegan fundamentalism being pushed on us. Most vegans we know have found this game hilarious and openly support us. Fundamentalism is no fun for anyone.

May I submit an idea?

Yes! We love hearing feedback and ideas. Send us a message via the contact form. Maybe you'll see your idea in an expansion pack!

What is the Non-Binary Vegan wearing?

When the makers of Denim Butcher Fashion helped us with game testing they also pitched the idea of using their non-binary upcycled attire in the cards. We love supporting the people we love and who have supported us. Check out https://denimbutcherfashion.com/ for some amazing custom attire!

I am a vegan and I find this game offensive.

Thank you for your feedback. We suggest you share with the world how offensive this game is to you.

Who did those awesome illustrations?

Ilija Visnjic ( Rufio0 ) is the visionary behind the illustrations. We were lucky to find him and have the pleasure of working with him. We had the ideas but he took creative direction and illustrated concepts far better than what we could have imagined. Thank you, Ilija, for making this all possible.